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Steve Farley, 9 Hillam Hall View, Hillam Leeds LS25 5N. t: 017684945 webmaster@eastyorkshirecentre.co.uk


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From here you can find a wealth of information from the latest news about The Caravan Club and the lifestyle of caravanners to the more practical aspects of enjoying touring at home and abroad.

The Yorkshire Dales Centre wish
East Yorkshire a Happy 40th at May Day 2015.

 Yorkshire Dales are also celebrating their 40th at Harewood House from the 2nd to 7th April 2015. There’ll be loads of activities and fun things to do. We’d love to welcome our friends from East Yorkshire to join in our celebrations. Please visit our website at ydcc.co.uk for a booking form and to find out more!


Due to the circumstances reported earlier this rally has now been cancelled.

2015 Rallies up for grabs!

  • Riccall 27th to 29th March 2015
  • Retford at Easter

Ron & Jean Warner would like to co marshal a rally with a rally marshal to learn the ropes and hopefully go on to marshal their own rally.

Please contact Denis Brennan on
01482 804499 or email

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Hi everyone

I would like to thank all who joined me on the Chairman’s Charity and Sports weekend. It was a full fun filled weekend raising lots of money for our Centre’s Charity The Yorkshire Air Ambulance, even the weather was on our side. All the sports took place with an overwhelming number of participants. It was great day and evening as we where entertained by Sasha a fantastic artist who pleased all ages from under 5 to !!!

Don’t worry if you missed our Charity fete, we are still raising money for The Yorkshire Air Ambulance until our AGM in September where the final amount raised will be announced.

The Northern Centre’s Rally run a Go-Cart Darby of which East Yorkshire won last year. We had an absolutely fab time, however this year Trevor is unable to make a go-cart. If anyone could help and make one for the Centre please contact me. I would be extremely grateful and would love to see our Centre regain their title.

A reminder of our Photographic Competition is on Saturday 27
th September, the AGM weekend. It’s time to get your cameras out and start clicking, you may have already done so. Then forward your photographs onto Trevor Wright. Closing date Monday 15th September. There is a limit of three images per category. Don’t forget you can enter the competition and vote even if you are not on the rally.

Would you like to be on the East Yorkshire Centre committee, we are always looking for new members to bring a fresh look at the way things are run, you would only need to give up one Monday evening a month for a meeting. If you are interested and would like more information please contact me or have a chat with one of the committee members. Closing date for your nomination slip is 13
th September 2014.

I would like to wish you all a happy summer holiday


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Fancy the National?
22nd to 26 May 2015

Fantastic Venue & Great Things to do

National 2015 A5 Flyer (final)_Page_1

National 2015 A5 Flyer (final)_Page_2

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Following the very successful cake stall at last years bonfire rally we will be attempting to do even better this year. We would welcome donations of cakes, buns or biscuits from our ralliers to enable us to succeed. So please bring them along to the rally or if you can help us but are not coming to the rally give me a ring and we will arrange something.

Thanks John and Sue Holroyd Tel 01964 564997

During the birthday Rally we will be running an AUCTION OF PROMISES to raise money for our chosen charity. This will be run one evening and will be an amusing and profitable event for the charity.

The basic idea is that through members, promises of goods or services are auctioned to the highest bidder.
These promises can come from either commercial companies or our own members.

With the extensive number of commercial contacts known to all our members we could canvas them to give any worthwhile products, vouchers or services which can then be auctioned. These can be caravan related or not but any product which people are prepared to pay money for can be included. Obviously, we will give the sponsor as much advertising as we can to reward their generosity

The other way of providing lots for auction is for any of our members to
offer to provide a service which can then be auctioned off.
Some suggestions could be for example:-

a) Someone could offer to cook a meal on a rally for the highest bidder.
b) The offer to hold a dinner party for the highest bidder. The number of guests to be decided by the person offering the prize.
c) A family ticket to the Bonfire Rally with free food.
d) An offer of providing transport to and from an airport, within reason, whilst someone is going on holiday.
e) If someone has a particularly unusual car perhaps they could offer a run say to the coast or other attraction.
f) Similar to the above but on a motorbike.
g) A few hours of gardening
h) A few hours of decorating.
i) Bake a cake for a special occasion
j) A photo session by one of our expert photographers

The offers are only limited by ones imagination and virtually any service can be auctioned providing that it is legal and in decent taste.

Give it some thought and see if you can offer a promise for the benefit of our charity.

If you have any ideas or suggestions give me a ring on 01964 564997 or
07534174010 or E mail me at johnholroyd86@gmail .com

Lemgo 2014
From Durham to Wales Norfolk to Hampshire
Total strangers meet in Lemgo at the camping park where East Yorkshire hosted the Rally "lose your heart in Lemgo" and many people did. Great attractions from a five minutes walk to the marketplace to mystical schoss and all the like-minded people who made this rally a memorable one, as the pictures show. These were taken on the second day on the field. This is what rallying is all about and looking forward to the next time.
Margaret and Malcolm Adams

photo 1photo 2

"Congratulations to Jan Harrison and Ted Robson who were married on Wed June 25th and celebrated with the ralliers at the Acaster Malbis Rally with strawberries & cream, wedding cake and champagne."

Snainton, ABBA Rally News
This magnificent rally is up for grabs...
Yes, due to work commitments the rally marshal's Sarah & Craig and the co marshal's Phil and Heather are unable to run this rally.
Now you don't need to run the rally as an ABBA rally at all, you can change it to whatever you want.
Interested? call Denis Brennan for more information.


This rally has been reduced in price by almost £10 to
£19.75 for the weekend YES..Reduced!!!
There is no doubt that this rally is fantastic value for money BOOK NOW to avoid disapointment

Northern Centres 2014
Newby Hall Ripon

Newsletter 2

Holiday Rally Entertainment Program
Electric hook up available
Coach trip to beautiful York
A verity of traders onsite
Extra nights just
£7 for the whole family
Fancy Dress now includes Teenager Category
so let the child in them free for a while!!!

Crafts inter-centre quiz • Sport For All • Netball • Tug -O- War

Professional Evening Entertainment

Tickets will be on sale from the Rally Office when the rally opens.

Adults £5 per night OR two nights for £8, Children 12 and under £1 per night.
Saturday Night

Pasted Graphic 1
Pop Goes the Movies

Pasted Graphic 2
Amy Watson

Sunday Evening

Pasted Graphic 3
Dionne Andre's Absolute 80s

Pasted Graphic 4
Joe Lawson

Chairs will be provided in the marquee.
For more information visit

The Tour de France set to take UK by storm
Published: 29 April 2014

It's that time of year again - when the world's best cyclists compete to take home the yellow jersey.
The 2014 Tour De France is starting in Leeds on 5 July and it will cover 3,656 kilometres to finally end on July 27.
Here are a few must-knows about this year's legendary competition.
What stages are there to the Tour de France?
There are three main stages in Britain (5 to 7 July), starting in Leeds, crossing West Yorkshire, and finally concluding in London. Between 8 and 27 July, the tour will then travel across France, speeding through the likes of Le Tourquet- Paris-Plage, Ypres and Oyonnax, before finally finishing in Paris.
In total, there are nine flat stages, five hill stages, six mountain stages and a solo time-trial - cyclists will only have two days of rest, phew!
Are there any special events taking place in the UK?
Boyton Hall Farm in Roxwell, Essex, will be the venue for South Essex's special rally for the passing cyclists. The weekend will feature an extensive programme of events, including Gallic-inspired activities and a procession of advertising vehicles. More information and bookings can be accessed on


What Caravan Club sites are close to the route in the UK?
This will depend on what day you want to see the race:
On 5 July, it passes through North and West Yorkshire, so head to
Knaresborough Caravan Club SiteHebden Bridge Caravan Club Site, Bolton Abbey Caravan Club Site or Wharfedale Caravan Club Site.
On 6 July, the cyclists will circle York, Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield so all of these sites are perfect access points:
York Rowntree Park Caravan Club Site, York Beechwood Grange Caravan Club Site, Poolsbrook Country Park Caravan Club Site, Chatsworth Park Caravan Club and Castleton Caravan Club Site.
On 7 July, the final UK stage connects Cambridge with London, so consider
Cambridge Cherry Hinton Caravan Club Site, Grafham Water Caravan Club Site, Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site or Crystal Palace Caravan Club Site.
Note that Caravan Club also has a wide array of sites across France if you want to combine your chance to see the cyclists with an overseas holiday with the family.
For more information on the 2014 Tour, visit

Wi-Fi on Club Sites update
Published: 11 April 2014

Wi-Fi on Club Sites- Good news!
We are pleased to announce that all site surveys are now complete, so we are now able to start the work! We have just received the upgrade plan for the 66 sites, but are still working to ensure that it is fully achievable. The good news is that  work starts on Monday 14 April, and is expected to complete by the middle of August. At the moment we can share the plan for April and May, but please check back here as we move the plan into June, July and August. We will publish updates of the planned schedule of upgrades on the website, with the understanding we are working in an outdoor environment, and therefore sometimes it may need to change, for instance if the weather or conditions prevent our supplier from doing the work required.
While the work is carried out on each site you will experience some outages of the Wi-Fi service, but we aim to  keep this to a minimum  where possible - it just depends on the size of site, and complexity of the work. Usually it should be no more than a day, and less where possible, and often it may be just parts of the site that are down at any one time. Our sites staff will inform you of these works when on site. Some sites are much more complicated than others; for instance, during week one, Meathop Fell is a huge job and the contractors will only be able to schedule the one site. Some however are much simpler, and we will then have a number of teams working on the upgrades, so some weeks may appear more productive than others in terms of the number of sites addressed.
Find out full details of which sites are being improved and when by visiting the page below:
April Wi-Fi on Club sites list

Tab 5

Lemgo 2014
From Durham to Wales Norfolk to Hampshire
Total strangers meet in Lemgo at the camping park where East Yorkshire hosted the Rally lose your heart in Lemgo and many people did. The attractions from access five minutes to the marketplace to mystical schoss and all the like-minded meet people made this rally a memorable one, as the pictures show these were taken on the second day on the field this is what rallying is all about looking forward to the next time.
Margaret and Malcolm Adams

photo 1photo 2

Snainton Rally
The Snainton rally run by Ian & Val Brabiner is still running and will be running in 2015.
There is some rumours that the rally is not running due to land problems but thats all they are rumours.

HARE & HOUNDS,HOLME ON SPALDING MOOR RALLY 21st to 23rd November This rally has been reduced in price by more than £8 to £19.75 for the weekend YES..Reduced!!! There is no doubt that this rally is fantastic value for money BOOK NOW to avoid disapointment This is a very popular rally and the Hare and Hounds has shown great faith in us and reduced the price even further to give you great value for money. The pub offers a fantastic menu for all tastes and pockets.
Delicious 'Holme' Cooked
Food Served Daily
hare and hounds

Pensioners menu every Friday lunch from 12 noon-2pm, all meals include free cup of tea or coffee. Cask ales being served and a variety of refreshing lagers and cider.: Childrens menu available by request. Traditional sunday lunches served between 12 noon and 4pm.

Fancy a great weekend in June?
why not join us at Sproatley
Running, yes this rally is now on
Sit out in the sun at this amazing venue and for those of you that want to fish...you can!
Alternativly just sit around the pond watching the world go by, this truly is a wonderful venue

On Saturday we will have traditional English games with lots of fun and a faith supper. For those of you who don't know what a faith supper is, its a gathering on the field where everyone just brings a bit to eat and we all join in. Simple, entertaining and a great way to meet new people.

June 13th to 15th and only £15.60
Call jane on 01482 864323

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