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PLEASE NOTE  Ray Smith’s funeral will be held on Wednesday 13th December at 3pm at Lelley Fields Crematorium Sproatley Road, Sproatley Hull HU12 8FX


UPDATE  –  The Brochures will be available to collect at the New Year Rally on the 30th December between 10am and 3pm.

This year the brochure will be distributed in a different manner to previous years. The brochure should be available to start being distributed at the New Year rally at Driffield. Anyone on the rally, or visiting the rally, upon production of their C.C.M.C. membership number can collect their brochure. Similarly, if this is not convenient and you have a friend on the rally they can collect your brochure on production of your membership number.

We will be holding a brochure collection day at Woodmansey Village Hall on the 27th. January from 11o’clock.(the same day as the Barn Dance)

All committee members will have Rally Brochures so if neither of the above is convenient contact your nearest one and see if arrangements can be made to collect one from them. If any of these arrangements are not suitable you can send an A5 Stamped Addressed Envelope with £2.40 in stamps on it to Sandra Andrews and she will send you one.  There are no rally booking slips in the brochure this year, they will be supplied separately. You can use any unused rally slips from previous years, but as plaques are now not included in the rally price you need to order them, at a cost of 50p, so please indicate on an old slip if you want one.   There is a box on the new slip for you to tick if you want one.

If you have any problems with the above please contact any member of the committee who will do their very best to assist you.   As usual there will also be the brochure on line for you to look through. 

PLASE BE AWARE; If you would like a rally plaque for a rally you must tick the box on the new rally slips, if you are using an old one please write on the top if you would like a plaque otherwise one will not be ordered for you. There will be a minimal cost of 50p.
          BARN DANCE 27TH JANUARY 2023                  
  PLEASE BE AWARE WE HAVE BEEN INFORMED BY THE CARAVAN CLUB THAT IN FUTURE ALL CAMC CARDS WILL NEED TO BE SHOWN                                                                                                          WHEN YOU ARRIVE ON A RALLY
When you renew your Caravan & Motorhome Club Membership each year, please remember to Re-Register with “The East Yorkshire Centre”. See this website or ring the Club. Their telephone No. is on the back of your membership card. 

To renew your Membership click here

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY  email is: membership@eastyorkshirecentre.co.uk

When you are coming on a rally and are bringing more children or adults than you have booked on your rally slip, then please out of courtesy ring the rally marshal to let them know.  They may not have enough food if they are doing a social, (this nearly happened at the Chairman’s Rally), kids prizes, sweets. No marshal like to say NO especially to children so please have some consideration for them. 

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