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Hi Everyone, 

Tim and I again look forward to seeing you soon on a rally field.
About Editor,
June Norris.



Presented to John & Sue Dale by East Yorkshire Chairman Dave Young at the Driffield New Year Rally


Hello everyone I hope you are enjoying the rallies on offer and are out and about in this nice spring weather.

East Yorkshire need some new or reintroduced venues and new marshals to come forward and inspire everyone with new ideas. If we are not careful we can all get complacent and do the same thing on rallies over and over again.

We are always looking for different venues so please if you go on another centres rally and think the venue would be good for East Yorkshire then please get in touch with Denis or any Committee member, if you can find out as much information as possible to pass on to Denis then that would be great.

The numbers of members out rallying are dropping so we need to try to encourage more ralliers to come and join us, the same with children, not many of them come out so we need to encourage them, if anyone has any ideas then please bring them forward, if you want to try your hand at being a rally marshal either on your own or with help from an already weathered rally marshal then please get in touch with either me or Denis or any Committee member.

Kath and I look forward to seeing you all on the rally field.

Cheers Dave