Centre Charity

Cheque presentation to Oakwood Dog Rescue Dog Trust with an Ambassador holding a newly arrived stray dog, John Holroyd (Charity Co-Ordinator), Addie Marshall (from Oakwood), Dave Young (Chairman) and Ron Warner (Assistant Charity Co-Ordinator)

CENTRE CHARITY 2021 & 2022

The cheque was for £2313.35, which given the restricted opportunities available to us was a credit to everyone who helped or donated in any way to helping us achieve this total.


We had three very worthwhile nominations this year and it was decided by a close margin in a vote at Committee that this year we would like to assist in the fight against Prostate Cancer. Specifically, we are working with the Urology Team at Hull and York Medical School to provide two large T.V. screens which will assist in the training of young doctors and students and enable them to watch close up live operations on Prostate Cancer procedures without being in the theatre. Prostate Cancer is one of the biggest killers of men, something like 40 men die every day of Prostate Cancer and 120 men every day are diagnosed with it. I hope that you will agree this is a worthwhile cause and that you will all support the fund raising activities that we will be running throughout the year. If you have any suggestions to make for raising money for the Charity please talk to myself, Ron or Dave and we will try to make it happen. John Holroyd and Ron Warner (Charity Co-Ordinators)