Centre Charity


The centre charity for 2018 has been chosen as Dove House Hospice. I have also been given the task of Rally Co-Ordinator and will try to follow the example of Janice over the coming year by raising as much money as possible.

The raising of the money is obviously a job for us all and I would like everyone’s assistance to achieve as high a figure as possible.

I would like you to think of possible ways that we can raise money and we will try to use them because we probably won’t be running the Charity Fete at the Chairman’s rally next year.

It has already been suggested that we produce a “Calendar Girls and Boys” calendar to sell for charity so if you have any cheeky poses of your other half (or somebody else’s) that you would like to share with us please send them to us. I am sure in the privacy of your own home you can up with something.

If you have any contacts with any companies in our area maybe you can persuade them to donate prizes for a Grand Raffle or Auction later in the year.

We are looking at the possibility of having a Race Night or Casino Night but we really need some ideas from yourselves to try out.

Put your thinking caps on and let me have your ideas.

John Holroyd        johnholroyd@gmail.com


HER Breast Friends team being presented with the cheque for £3333.33

“Thanks to everyone who has helped in any way to make this final amount.

I was very pleased to realise that we were in reach of the target of £2000. The raffle I was going to do on the Sat night of the AGM should take us to it.

On the Friday afternoon, Alan Bailey came to see me to say he had been running a Tuck Shop at work during the year and would like to add a donation of £1300 to our total. As you can imagine, I was gobsmacked. He wanted me to keep it as a surprise until Sunday morning. Alan wants to thank his bosses at BARRASS HULL LTD / ROCLAD SYSTEMS for allowing him to run the tuck shop at work as they have been very supportive, and I would like to thank him for making my final year as Charity Coordinator such a great one.

Because my lucky number is 3, I wanted to make the total an amount to remember so as the total was just over £3330, I made the final total £3,333.33p”

Janice Benson



I would like to thank everyone who helped raise money for our Centre Charity at the Chairman’s Rally, in particular the Committee and partners who worked tirelessly all the weekend, especially at the Charity event on the Saturday which proved  very hot in the barn. I am sure they would have rather been outside in the warm sunshine! The result for the weekend including the profit that Her Breast Friends made was £617.35. This along with the money raised so far since the 2016 AGM is just over £1400.

There will be more fundraising done between now and this year’s AGM but the final total will not be revealed until then. My target of £2000 does seem possible and we could maybe exceed it!

John Holroyd is running a surplus equipment sale at Driffest so have a rummage in your shed or garage to see if you have anything to contribute. A small percentage will be deducted for the Charity if your things are sold. Anything from awnings through to crockery or aquarolls. More details from John.

He is also planning a Grand Raffle at Driffest and I am hoping to have the usual last fundraiser at the AGM so any donations to these will be gratefully received. Please also keep drinking so we keep the Can Men busy!

Thanks once again – please keep up the fundraising – the Charity are very thankful for all we are doing and they will be at the AGM in September.

Janice [Charity Coordinator]

 Thank you to all who have bought my quiz. It is still on sale to the end of March which still gives you a month to do it in. Thank you to all who have given cans to the Can Men. This is bringing in a very nice contribution throughout the year. John Hearty and Brian Danby are also willing to take old car and caravan batteries as they too are worth a nice amount of money. Ray Smith, the third Can Man has also got a nice amount of money for old taps. If you think you have something that might sell, then please contact them.” Also if you have any unwanted items that will be good for a Tombola at the Chairman’s Rally, please let me have them when you see me.

Regards Janice

PS It has been brought to my attention that there are a couple of mistakes in my quiz. No 10 should be (9) and No 35 should be (10) My apologies!

ABOUT OUR CHOSEN CHARITY Hull & East Riding Breast Friends is a registered charity and a member of the Fundraising Standards Board. It is run entirely by volunteers who themselves have been affected by breast cancer. HER Breast Friends was founded in November 2005 as a result of the friendship formed between Jan Jones and the late Liz Drury during treatment for breast cancer. They recognized no matter how breast cancer touched your life, there was a will and a need to do something positive with the experience and the idea of HER Breast Friends began. Jan and Liz realised there was a need for a group that didn’t focus on the disease, but brought together the courage, strengths and determination of those affected for the benefit of all local people affected by breast cancer. Working together, we can help you do something positive with the experience as many of our members have shown. We have been very privileged to witness some of the positive changes that have come about in the lives of many of our members through their involvement with the Charity. Some have gone on to volunteer with us, fundraise for us, realise their inner strengths or fulfil an uplifting and empowering challenge or journey. For example, Eileen used her experience of breast cancer to spur her on to do something positive, not only volunteering with the Charity but flying a small aircraft across Australia; or our founder Jan who completed the Olympic Bobsleigh run at Innsbruck.